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Idiomatic pronominal verbs

Pronominal verbs fall into 3 categories: reflexive (to or for oneself), reciprocal (two or more people to one another), and idiomatic. Here are common idiomatic pronominal verbs that you are most likely familiar with:


Exercise 5 (Class Work)
Take a few minutes to read over these situations. Use at least 2 pronominal verbs to fit or to complete each one. You will create questions and answers.
1. It is 3 am and you have not come home yet. How does your mother feel?

Elle s’inquiète.

2. You wake up at 8 am and you have a meeting at 8.15 am. What do you do?

Je me dépêche.

3. You just met someone in the plane and want to know his name. What do you ask? Comment vous appelez-vous?

4. You are lost and looking for the Hôtel Vichy. How do you ask someone where it is located? Où se trouve l’hôtel Vichy?

5. You enter the mess hall and everybody is shouting. You want to find out what is happening. Que se passe-t-il? / Qu’est-ce qu’il se passe?

6. Two soldiers are fighting. Your superior enters and asks you if they are having fun. Est-ce qu’ils s’amusent?

Answer Key: Answers may vary.

Accueillir (verb)

Annuler la réservation (verb)

Arrivée (n.f)

Avocat (n.m)

Chauffer (verb)

Circuit (n.m)

Compartiment fumeur (n.m)

Connaître (verb)

Correspondance (n.f)

Crevaison (n.f)

Démarrer (verb)

Départ (n.m)

Disponible (adj.)

Douane (n.f)

Embarquement (n.m)

Ennui mécanique (n.m)

Enregistrement (n.m)

Escale (n.f)

Frein (n.m)

Gonfler les pneus (verb)

Guide (n.m)

Immigration (n.f) (douaniers/officiers de l’)

S’inquiéter (verb)

Klaxon (n.m)

Libre service (n.m)

Livraison des bagages (

Mourir (verb)

Naître (verb)

Panne d’essence (n.f)

Se passer (verb)

Pompe à essence (n.f)

Provenance (n.f)

Remorquer (verb)

Réparer (verb)

Se reposer (verb)

Réserver (verb)

Rétroviseur (n.m)

Supplément (n.m)

Tomber en panne (verb)

Vérifier le niveau d’huile (verb)

Vol (n.m)

To welcome

To cancel the reservation



To warm, to heat up

Tour (bus)

Smoking compartment

To know


Flat tire

To start





Mechanical trouble

Registration, Check- in

Stop, lay-over (flight)


To pump up, to inflate tires


Immigration police

To worry



Baggage claim

To die

To be born

To run out of gas

Gas pump

To happen

Source, origin

To tow away

To repair

To reserve

Rear-view mirror

To rest


To break down (car)

To check the level of the oil


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