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French II/French III/IV Lesson Plans - Robert Stevens/Corinne Hayes

Monday, October 4- Friday, October 8, 2010
French II
Students will…

  • practice writing proficiency.

  • practice listening proficiency.

  • demonstrate competency with reflexive verbs.

  • demonstrate proficiency with reflexive verbs.

  • create a video of their daily routine.

Monday: Pretest of Reflexive verbs, review how to tell time, je sais déjà, and aller/prendre verb chart.

HW: pg 13.

Tuesday : Review of –er verbs, introduce reflexive vocabulary (TPR-vocabulary), and song.

HW: pg 25, Activity 25.

Wednesday: pp 51-52 (Act 6-9), Listening (Activity 2, page 160-Bien Dit)

HW: Journal: 5-7 sentences describing morning routine, plus two times.

Thursday: QduJ—« Qu’est-ce que tu fais le matin? » Negatives with reflexives, worksheet, introduce (d’abord, et puis, ensuite, après ça, enfin)

HW: Write 2-3 things you don’t do in the morning.

Friday: Return journals, make corrections, ask questions (?) record. Pretest of imperative (?)

***Culture will be infused.

French III
Students will…

  • review material from Chapter 1.

  • show mastery of concepts and vocabulary from Chapter 1

  • practice the French future tense.

  • practice written proficiency.

  • demonstrate reading proficiency.

  • create a list of desired vocabulary.

Monday: QduJ: « Qu’est-ce que tu as fait pendant le weekend? » , go over study guide, and Prépare-toi pour l’examen, pg 34-34 (1-7)

Tuesday: Review Game, Start Exam

Wednesday: Exam

Thursday: Introduction of formation of future tense, irregular stems.

HW: Bien Dit, Act. 8 (pg 49) ; Cahier du Vocabulaire et Grammaire (

Friday: Review, Verb Relay/Dice, Culture- Jobs, and je veux savoir

French IV
Students will…

  • practice writing proficiency

  • practice reading comprehension.

  • build portfolios

  • speaking practice.

Monday: Review “Perfectionnez votre grammaire” ; Écrivons une histoire !

Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz, Introduce Vocabulary from Imaginez (page 4), and speaking practice.

HW: 1 and 2 (pg 5)

Wednesday: Portfolio work and charades with vocabulary.

Thursday: Introduction to Court Métrage (vocabulary), Activities 3 and 4

Excerpts from « Une guerre impossible à oublier » 

Friday: Renaissance Cont., Architecture


Exam Thursday iconWhile most of this exam in cumulative, the main part of this exam focuses on

Exam Thursday iconWhile most of this exam in cumulative, the main part of this exam focuses on

Exam Thursday iconFrench II midterm Exam Review

Exam Thursday iconFrench 3- final Exam (January 2015)

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