Preface by Sam pitroda (to be confirmed)

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A Breakthrough Toward Genuine Sustainability


Preface by Sam PITRODA (to be confirmed)

Head of the “Indian National Knowledge Commission”

Introduction by Vittorio PRODI, Member of the European Parliament.

Foreword by Ilya PRIGOGINE

Nobel Prize, 1977

July, 2008


  1. A superb synthesis of today’s burning issues of globalization, the transition to post-industrial futures, the growth of post-carbon, “green” economies worldwide, changing paradigms in science, economics and management --- all enfolded in a deep cultural analysis of changing ethical, religious and spiritual values.

As an independent scholar/activist and financial practitioner participating in and observing these whole-system changes as humanity shifts toward planetary citizenship, I find no other author who embraces these historic transformation processes as deeply as Marc Luyckx Ghisi.

The Knowledge Society explains and make senses of today’s widespread confusion among “leaders”, mass media and traditional academia. Marc’s deeply personal style illuminates his heroic synthesis. He shows how our endangered human family can re-design our various civilizations toward more peaceful, just and sustainable futures for all life on Earth.”

Hazel HENDERSON, author, Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy and Building a Win-Win World. St Augustine, Florida

  1. Marc Luyckx Ghisi offers a holistic and dynamic panorama to explore the paradigm shift implicit in the United Nations Global Compact. The Knowledge Society has been masterfully crafted to caringly expel the reader from the comfort of the sacrosanct leaving in its stead a prickly, insistent framework to address one question: WHY NOT?

Frederick C. DUBEE,

Senior Advisor “Global Compact”, Executive Office of the Secretary-General, United Nations, New York.

  1. "A book of outmost relevance of our times. About life and death. Helping us all see the old way of thinking that is now decaying and exhausting itself, and the new way of thinking that is painfully trying to be born. Why we have to change course creating a more desirable and sustainable future. Why we have to partner with nature, not conquer it. "

Göran CARSTEDT, Ph.D   
Chairman The Natural Step International, Former executive at Volvo and IKEA

  1. The Knowledge Society offers a brilliant blueprint toward a transmodern
    world in practical terms and through the author's personal transformation and re-enchantment of his own life.  A truly inspired work.

    Barbara Marx Hubbard
    Founder, The Foundation for Conscious Evolution

  1. This is an important book, one that marks an important transition. This transition is a multilevel one. First, it has become clear for the first time in industrial society’s consciousness that we cannot sustain ourselves using current practices. Second, humanity has reached a new stage of consciousness of knowledge itself. In other words, knowledge about knowledge has never been greater. One important aspect of this transition is that we have two choices. Either we can succumb to a paralysis of anxiety that will lead us to make superficial analyses and gestures towards bringing about necessary change, or we find reasons (knowledge) for hope that energise profound action to realise necessary change. Marc Luyckx Ghisi’s, The Knowledge Society, is a blueprint for hope and wise action. It might be better to call this book, The Wise Society.

David Rooney,UQ Business School | The University of Queensland | Ipswich Qld 4305 | Australia

  1. Breathtaking in scope, compelling in its urgency and inspiring in its vision, The Knowledge Society shines like a beacon across the turbulent waters of a world in transition.  An astute and passionate observer of the deep societal shifts taking place in this early 21st century Marc Luyckx Ghisi digs down to the bedrock of the forces tilting the world toward a deep transition. Then he invites us all to “re-enchant” ourselves and the world, weaving a new fabric of beliefs and action for a more hopeful future.

Verna ALLEE, author The Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity through Value Networks. Martinez, California

  1. Marc Luyckx Ghisi book is like the inspiration of a painter which has not yet found its right canvas to be painted. That canvas which has to be made of a new texture, a new way of thinking and re-examining our present so that a future could exist.

If we are able to come out from the intellectual blindness which do not allow us to give up old ideas and behaviours, we may hope to have a future.

The search of a new way is never easy, so that is never easy to leave a port we think safe for venturing out to open sea. Unfortunately the port where now we have cast anchor is not safe, on the contrary it does not offer any more protection. We are called for changing, and really entering the knowledge society in order to survive and to create a sustainable world for next generations.

Through a clear analysis of the present society in its complex, of the values which are its bedrock, of economic laws too obsolete, Marc smartly shows what are the dangers of standing still and of denying the knowledge society.

He asks for a deep change of perspective centred on the sustainability of Nature with which we are linked, and without which we cannot exist. He shows that knowledge society, its values and its leaders are already here and are conquering their spaces.

But we continue to have the unavoidable problem to find new tools and parameters to measure intangibles, qualitative aspects which distinguish knowledge society. They cannot be similar to those used for measuring quantitative aspects upon which it is based the industrial society, modern, pyramidal and already death. This, perhaps, is one of the most important obstacle.

We recognize the fundamental and prevailing value of intangible assets, but we put them in the background because often we do not perceive them as a real thing, but in abstract terms. As they belong to the world of ideas and not the real world. This is due to the thought which, by developing during the centuries, has led convictions which are only conventions. Money itself is it not a convention?

If we want to watch, in its whole, a future already here, this book, looking beyond and giving a systemic vision, is the new way. And, as all systemic visions, can but draw a paint owning the smartness of simplicity.

Paola De Piccoli, Editor in Chief of “IC MAG : Intellectual Capital Magazine”, Torino, Italy.

  1. The Knowledge Society provides dramatic insights into how the world will change within the next five decades. With his concept of a transmodern society, Marc Luyckx Ghisi opens the perspective into the powerful trends away from the industrial society with their pyramidal structures towards a planetary knowledge society based on cultural creativity. Personal experiences with the European Commission and intense exchange with thought leaders from all over the world make it a fascinating reading.

Karlheinz STEINMULLER, author, Futurist, Director of “Z-punkt GmbH”, Büro für Zukunftgestaltung, Berlin. Germany.

  1. Because Marc LUYCKX GHISI is a ‘transmodern’ renaissance man who knows the breadth of global life and the depth of human consciousness, he deeply understands that we can’t reach social and environmental sustainability, without also developing personal sustainability. He stresses the often neglected alignment of our methods and goals and points to the need to integrate the inner and outer dimensions of our leadership. Whether you want to succeed with your values intact in business, government or civil society, you will greatly benefit from Marc’s original analysis.

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Preface by Sam pitroda (to be confirmed) iconSam, pages 14-15

Preface by Sam pitroda (to be confirmed) iconPRÉface

Preface by Sam pitroda (to be confirmed) iconPréface

Preface by Sam pitroda (to be confirmed) iconPréface

Preface by Sam pitroda (to be confirmed) iconPréface

Preface by Sam pitroda (to be confirmed) iconPRÉface

Preface by Sam pitroda (to be confirmed) iconPreface

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