Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D

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Publications by INSEAD Alumni

Aris, Annet ; Bughin, Jacques R., MBA 86’D

Managing media companies: harnessing creative value - Wiley, 2005.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HC2000 .M4 A75 2005

Managing media companies: harnessing creative value - Wiley, 2009. 2nd ed.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HC2000 .M4 A75 2009

Beau, Dominique ; Daudel, Sylvain

Stratégie d'entreprise et communication - Dunod, 1992.

Doriot Library

HD30.3 .B43 1992

Bénard, Philippe ; Dang-Van-Mien, Alain

L'Architecture des services : pratiquer et maîtriser les systèmes ouverts - Addison Wesley, 1995.

Doriot Library

T58.6 .B46 1995

Berthon, Bruno

Dans quelle entreprise travaillerons-nous demain ? - Hachette, 1997. (Forum)

Doriot Library

HB95 .B47 1997

Blasius, Hanns

Porsche - Toyota - General Electric: gute Unternehmensführung in Deutschland, Japan and den USA - Orell füssli, 2007. (Management)

Doriot Library

HD6951 .B53 2007

Boulton, Chris ; Turner, Patrick

Mastering business in Asia: entrepreneurship - Wiley, 2005. (Wiley executive MBA: strategies, skills, solutions)

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HD62.5 .B68 2005

Bussy, Jack

Droit des affaires / 2nd ed. - Dalloz, 2004.

Doriot Library

K400.63 .F7 B87 2004

Chaintron, Bruno

Coaching pour changer avec plaisir: innovez! - Eyrolles, 2007.

Doriot Library

HD6958 .C43 2007

Charkham, Jonathan ; Ploix, Hélène

Keeping better company: corporate governance ten years on - Oxford University Press, 2005.

Doriot Library

HD2741 .C457 2005

Christiansen, James A.

Building the innovative organization: management systems that encourage innovation - Palgrave, 2000.

Doriot Library

HD45 .C47 2000

Competitive innovation management: techniques to improve innovation performance - Macmillan, 2000.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HD52 .C47 2000

Clément, Nicolas

Dans la rue avec les sans-abri - Editions du Jubilé, 2003. (Développement)

Doriot Library

PN1040.63 .F7 C54 2003

Cory, Jacques

Activist business ethics - Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

BJ53 .C67 2002

Business ethics: the ethical revolution of minority shareholders - Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

BJ53 .C67 2001

Daudel, Sylvain ; Vialle, Georges

Yield management: applications to air transport and other service industries - Institut du Transport Aérien, 1994.

Doriot Library

HC2000 .S4 D38 1994

de Préville, Yves

Guide pratique de la gestion des forces de vente - Maxima, 2003.

Doriot Library

HF5438.4 .D47 2003

Di Tella, Rafael ; Pill, Huw ; Vogel, Ingrid

Institutions, macroeconomics and the global economy: casebook - World Scientific, 2005.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HB172.5 .T52 2005

Dougier, Henry

L'Entreprise moderne - Hachette, 1972.

Doriot Library

HD33 .E49

Dunn, Bill Newton

Greater in Europe - Regency Press, 1985.

Doriot Library

JZ1570 .D86 1985

The Devil knew not - Allendale, 2000.

Doriot Library

JN30 .D86 2000

Esmein, Jean

1/2 +, un demi plus - Fondation pour les Etudes de Défense Nationale, 1983.

Doriot Library

UA845 .E85 1983

La Révolution culturelle chinoise - Editions du Seuil, 1970. (Histoire immédiate)

Doriot Library

J10.42 .C4 E76 1970

Les Bases de la puissance du Japon - Fondation pour les Etudes de Défense Nationale, 1988.

Doriot Library

J10.42 .C4 E76 1970

Esmein, Jean ; Dubreuil, Richard

L' Evolution des systèmes japonais - Centre d'Etudes des Systèmes et des Technologies Avancées, 1986.

Doriot Library

J10.42 .J3 E86 1986

Esmein, Jean ; Hérail, Francine ; Macé, François ; Ninomiya, Hiroyuki ; Souyri, Pierre

Histoire du Japon - Horvath, 1990. (Collection histoire des nations)

Doriot Library

J10.42 .J3 H47 1990

Faurie, Christophe

Conduite et mise en oeuvre du changement : l'effet levier - Maxima, 2003.

Doriot Library

HD6954 .F38 2003

Fechner, Dietrich ; Kober, Bernd

Praxis der Unternehmenssanierung: Analyse, Konzept and Durchfürhrung - Luchterhand, 2004.

Doriot Library

HD49 .F43 2004

Fischer, Michael

Saving and investing: financial knowledge and financial literacy that everyone needs and deserves to have! - AuthorHouse, 2005.

Doriot Library

HG4515 .F57 2005

Goldstein, William M. ; Hogarth, Robin M.

Research on judgment and decision making: currents, connections, and controversies - Cambridge University Press, 1997. (Cambridge series on judgment and decision making)

Doriot Library

BF448 .J84 1997

Gordon, Adam

Future savvy: identifying trends to make better decisions, manage uncertainty, and profit from change – AMACOM, 2009

Doriot Library

HD30.27 .G67 2009

Hallpike, Helen

Career crunch! The 25-year career vs. the 100-year life - Lulu Press, 2010

Doriot Library

ZA16 .H357 2010

Harper, Malcolm ; Singh Arora, Sukhwinder

Small customers, big market: commercial banks in microfinance - Intermediate Technology, 2005.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HC300 .H37 2005

Hart, Rupert

Competitive opportunity: how to achieve superior performance in difficult times

Doriot Library

HD41 .H37 1992
Recession storming: thriving in downturns through superior martketing, pricing and product strategies

Doriot Library

HF5415.135 .H37 2008

Hogarth, Robin M.

Educating intuition - University of Chicago Press, 2001.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

BF441 .H64 2001

Evaluating management education - Wiley, 1979.

Doriot Library

Z12 .H64 1979

Judgment and choice:the psychology of decision / 2nd ed - Wiley, 1987.

Doriot Library

BF448 .H64 1987

Judgment and choice:the psychology of decision - Wiley, 1980.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

BF441 .H575

Question framing and response consistency - Jossey-Bass, 1982.

Doriot Library

H61 .Q3 1982

Hogarth, Robin M. ; Einhorn, Hillel J.

Insights in decision making: a tribute to Hillel J. Einhorn - University of Chicago Press, 1990.

Doriot Library

BF441 .H65 1990

Hogarth, Robin M. ; Reder, Melvin Warren

Rational choice:the contrast between economics and psychology - University of Chicago Press, 1987.

Doriot Library

HB74 .P8 B44 1987

Hood, Gavin

Tsotsi - Momentum Pictures, 2006.

Doriot Library

DVD (13)

Hutton, Will

The State to come - Vintage, 1997.

Doriot Library

HC500.63 .U5 H87 1997

The World we're in - Abacus, 2003.

Doriot Library

HC500.63 .U5 H87 2003

The Writing on the wall: China and the West in the 21st century - Little Brown, 2007.

Doriot Library

HC500.42 .C4 H88 2007

Hutton, Will ; Giddens, Anthony

Global capitalism - New Press, 2000.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HB847 .H88 2000

On the edge: living with global capitalism - Vintage, 2000.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HB501 .O68 2001

Jurgens-Panak, Michele ; Horovitz, Jacques

Total customer satisfaction:lessons from 50 companies with top quality customer service - Pitman, 1992.

Doriot Library

HF5415.5 .H67 1992

King, Nicolas

Corporate venturing - Capstone, 2002. (ExpressExec)

Doriot Library

HD62.5 .K56 2002

Enterprise express - Capstone, 2002. (ExpressExec)

Doriot Library

HD62.5 .K56 2002

Exit strategies - Capstone, 2002. (ExpressExec)

Doriot Library

HD62.5 .K56 2002

Lambert, Paul ; Schmitt, Jean-Pierre ; Bissada, Youssef F.

Management de la production : la fonction méthodes - Éditions d'Organisation, 1974.

Doriot Library

TS155 .L36 1974

Lank, Elizabeth

Collaborative advantage: how organizations win by working together - Macmillan, 2006.

Doriot Library

HD30.3 .L36 2006

Leibert, John A.

Smart business - Capstone, 2004.

Doriot Library

HD28 .L45 2004

Malewski, Margaret

GenXpat – Intercultural Press, 2005.

Doriot Library

ZC100.1 .M35 2005

Martinet, Bruno ; Marti, Yves-Michel

L'Intelligence économique : les yeux et les oreilles de l'entreprise - Éditions d'Organisation, 1995.

Doriot Library

HD38.7 .M37 1995

Mayo, Andrew ; Lank, Elizabeth

The Power of learning: a guide to gaining competitive advantage - Institute of Personnel and Development, 1994.

Doriot Library

HD6958 .T7 M365 1994

Mishra, Rajiv K.

Business ethics: code of conduct for managers - Rupa, 2006.

Doriot Library

BJ53 .M574 2006

Mistry, Pratish

The Universe and the mad butterfly - Mystic Tree, 2006.

Doriot Library

BL150 .M57 2006

Mole, John

I was a potato oligarch: travels and travails in the New Russia - Nicholas Brealey, 2008

Doriot Library

Z15 .M65 2008

Mind your manners: managing business cultures in the new global Europe / 3rd ed. – Nicholas Brealey, 2003.

Doriot Library

Z15 .M65 2003

Mind your manners:culture clash in the European Single Market - Industrial Society, 1990.

Doriot Library

Z15 .M65 1990

Mind your manners:managing business cultures in Europe / 4th ed - Nicholas Brealey, 1995.

Doriot Library

Z15 .M65 1995

When in Rome --:a business guide to cultures and customs in 12 European nations - AMACOM, 1991.

Doriot Library

Z15 .M65 1991

Morstead, Stuart ; Blount, Greg

Offshore ready: strategies to plan and profit from offshore IT-enabled services / 2nd ed. - American Productivity and Quality Center, 2004.

Doriot Library

HD2365 .M67 2004

Nooteboom, Bart ; Six, Frédérique

The Trust process in organizations: empirical studies of the determinants and the process of trust development - Elgar, 2003.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HD6958 .T4 S59 2003

Paluel-Marmont, Augustin ; De Rovira, Michel

Le Guide des boulangeries de Paris - Editions de l'If, 2004.

Doriot Library


Peebles, Gavin ; Wilson, Peter

Economic growth and development in Singapore: past and future - Elgar, 2002.

Doriot Library

HC500.44 .S5 P44 2002

Porot, Daniel

101 salary secrets: how to negociate like a pro - Ten Speed, 2000.

Doriot Library

ZB100 .P67 2000

12 Règles d'or pour se mettre à son compte - L'Express, 2004. (Entreprise)

Doriot Library

HD62.5 .P67 2004

Aidez votre recruteur à vous embaucher... en temps de crise - Express Roularta Editions, 2009

ZA13 .P67 2009
Comment trouver une situation ou une méthode pour ne plus être demandeur d'emploi mais offreur de services / 19e éd - Éditions d'Organisation, 1996.

Doriot Library

ZA13 .P676 1996

La PIE : votre prochain emploi, une méthode simple pour le découvrir / 1è éd - Éditions d'Organisation, 1992.

Doriot Library

ZA13 .P6 1992

Savoir-vivre en affaires - Éditions d'Organisation, 1997.

Doriot Library

Z15 .P67 1997

Votre entretien d'embauche : 107 conseils pour le réussir : les embûches de l'entretien d'embauche / 3è éd - Éditions d'Organisation, 1990.

Doriot Library

ZA15 .P67 1990

Porot, Daniel; Haynes, Frances Bolles

101 Toughest interview questions - Ten Speed, 2009

ZA17 .P67 2009
Winning letters that overcome barriers to employment

Doriot Library

ZA14 .P67 2006

Porot, Daniel ; Pialot, Dominique

101 questions pièges de l'entretien d'embauche... et les réponses pour décrocher le job / 6th ed. - L'Express, 2005.

Doriot Library

ZA17 .P67 2005

101 salary secrets: how to negociate like a pro

Doriot Library

ZB100 .P67 2000
101 secrets pour bien négocier votre salaire... ou une augmentation - L'Express, 2005.

Doriot Library

ZB100 .P67 2005

Purkiss, John

All in the mind: how to succeed by letting go..

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

BF637 .S8 P87 2004

How to be headhunted? The insider's guide to making executive search work for you - How To Books, 2005.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

ZA13.4 .P87 2005

Roll, Martin

Asian brand strategy: how Asia builds strong brands - Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.

Doriot Library/Tanoto Library

HF5415.3 .R65 2006

Rohner, Kurt

Marketing in the cyber age: the why, the what and the how – Wiley, 1998

Doriot Library

HF5415.1265 .R6413 1998

Roos, Johan ; Roos, Göran ; Edvinsson, Leif ; Dragonetti, Nicola Carlo

Intellectual capital:navigating in the new business landscape - New York University, 1998.

Doriot Library

HD53 .I577 1998

Rudlin, Pernille

The History of Mitsubishi Corporation in London: 1915 to present day - Routledge, 2000. (Routledge advances in Asia-Pacific business)

Doriot Library

HC100 .M58 R83 2000

Schmitt, Jean-Pierre

Manuel d'organisation de l'entreprise - Presses Universitaires de France, 2002. (Gestion)

Doriot Library

HD6950.5 .S34 2002

Six, Frédérique

The Trouble with trust: the dynamics of interpersonal trust building - Elgar, 2005.

Doriot Library

HD6958 .T4 S59 2005

Spiegel, Eric ; McArthur, Neil

Energy shift: game-changing options for fueling the future - McGraw-Hill, 2008

Doriot Library

GE180 .S75 2008

Sutter, Esther

Living in Singapore: stories behind the numbers – Blurb, 2010

Doriot Library

HM621.44 .S5 S88 2010

Vialle, Georges ; Daudel, Sylvain

Le Yield management : la face encore cachée du marketing des services - InterEditions, 1989.

Doriot Library

HC2000 .S4 D38 1989

Villepreux, Pierre ; Lafon, Vincent ; Terrien, Jean-Pierre

Envoyez du jeu ! Le management du changement à l'école du rugby - Village Mondial, 2004.

Doriot Library

HD6954 .K36 2004

Webb, Peter

Ice bears and kotick: rowing on top of the world

Doriot Library

PN1035.63 .U5 W43 2007

Wileman, Andrew ; Jary, Michael

Retail power plays:from trading to brand leadership - Macmillan, 1997.

Doriot Library

HF5415.3 .W55 1997

Wilson, Craig ; Wilson, Peter

Make poverty business: increase profits and reduce risks by engaging with the poor - Greenleaf Publishing, 2006.

Doriot Library

HB100.5 .W55 2006

Wilson, Peter ; Bates, Sue

The Essential guide to managing small business growth - Wiley, 2003.

Doriot Library

HD62.7 .W55 2003

Wittenberg-Cox, Avivah;Milan, Margaret

Why women mean business: understanding the emergence of our next economic revolution

Doriot Library

HD6054 .W58 2008

Women@work: women, careers and competitive advantage in the New

Doriot Library

HD6054 .W58 2004

Zaboji, Peter B.

Change! Gestalten sie heulte ihr Unternehmen von Morgen - Redline, 2002.

Doriot Library

HC100 .T46 Z33 2002


Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D iconPublications scientifiques du département 2

Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D iconBibliographie Diverses publications dt

Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D iconBibliographie Diverses publications dt

Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D icon2003 Publications indexées

Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D iconVue de la ville de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle permettant d’apprécier...
«botafumeiro» est en fonctionnement, la célébration attire les foules, aussi est-il nécessaire d’arriver très tôt pour avoir une...

Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D iconPublications scientifiques 2004 du département 2

Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D iconRaymond millon. Liste des publications par thèmes

Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D iconExtraits de la chronique de la paroisse saint-jacques a liege écrite...
«Les hommes viendront à la Grand'Messe; les fidèles chanteront. Ceux qui ont des loisirs viendront à confesse de 2 à 8 heures. Le...

Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D iconPublications
«Behind the Iron Curtain : architecture in the former Communist bloc, between isolation and fascination» de Journal of Architecture...

Publications by insead alumni Aris, Annet; Bughin, Jacques R., Mba 86’D iconPublications
«Architecture industrielle et machinisme à vapeur : le cas de l’établissement Frimot à Landerneau (1822-1859)», in Arts de l’Ouest...

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