Adresse du siège social de la société

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The regulations of the amounts due to the Contractor will be made ​​as of the works, by applying the estimated retail price of the price schedule for the quantities actually executed in accordance with Articles 55 to 62 of GCC-T.

The state will release amounts due under this contract by transfer to the bank account indicated on the act of the Contractor commitment.



The ttributaire to pay the stamp duty and registration of market and different parts annexes.



In the event of an assignment as collateral, it is stated that: 
The settlement of amounts owed ​​by the ONOUSC in performance of this contract shall be made ​​by the liquidator care of ONOUSC service.

1)        The official responsible for providing the market Holder and beneficiaries of liens or subrogation, the information and statements provided for in Article 7 of the Dahir of 28 August 1948, as amended and supplemented, is the Director of the ONOUSC.

2)        Payments under this contract will be performed by the Paymaster of ONOUSC only qualified to receive the meanings of creditors awarded this contract.

The Client delivers no cost to the supplier, at his request, against a receipt, a special edition of the market labeled "single copy" and intended to form as in accordance with the Royal Decree of 28 August 1948 concerning the collateral markets public.



     Before commencement of performance of the contract, the Contractor shall submit to the Employer, one or more certificates issued by one or more establishments approved for this purpose justifying the purchase of one or more insurance policies to cover the risks inherent in performance of the contract in accordance with Article 24 of the GCC-T as amended.


Failure by the supplier to fulfill the obligations imposed on it by Article 17 of CCAGT all notifications relating to the market that will result from this tender will be validly given him at his home in an act of commitment.



subcontracting may in no case be allowed in this market, for any reason whatsoever, on the Main body.  


When a ttributaire does not comply either with the market or to commands given to him by the developer Maitre, is challenged to meet them within a period specified by a decision referred to it by an order of service. This period is not less than 16 days from the notification of the notice.

After this time, if the Contractor has not fulfilled the prescribed provisions, the project is Maitre applications coercive measures provided for by the articles of CCAGT

If within this period has ttributaire does not comply with this notice, termination of the contract can be imposed and has ttributaire can not claim any compensation.








The parties agree to settle amicably the difficulties that might arise from the interpretation and execution of the contract and that, whatever the nature of the dispute in accordance with Articles 71 and 72 of GCC-T.

If the conflict is not, on this occasion, complete solution, it will be brought before the competent courts in accordance with Article 73 of the GCC-T.

The law governing the market, and according to which it should be interpreted, Moroccan law.





                                       CHAPTER II   : TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS





PRICE No. 01   : Vertical accumulator for DHW carbon steel

        This price includes   :

              Epoxy inside processing food quality and magnesium anode, with 5-year warranty with incorporation of electrical anode. Corrugated steel coil large exchange surface and ex towable. With independent port facility to facilitate control without uninstalling the coil.

Volume 4000 liters,

Height   : 2.35 m

Diameter   : 1.74 m

Operating pressure: 8 bar

Operating Temperature   : 80 ° C.

Flexible thermal insulation polyurethane, PVC removable lining.

Backup electric resistance 30 kW.

                                                         Book paid to the unit price No. 01


PRICE No. 02   : The tube collector operates with a heat exchanger in the system of

                       t ube vacuum.  

      This achieves high temperatures, and enormous efficiencies, even at low levels of solar radiation. 
It is provided to be fully assembled. It must be equipped with extremely durable vacuum seal provided by the coating of tubes and damper.

The shock absorber and reflector surfaces are protected against aging and dirt in a vacuum, and have extremely long lives. 
Glass hail-resistant borosilicate according to DIN EN 12975 
Greater than 64% optical factor

Heat loss coefficient W / m²K   - A1   : Less than 0.89

Number of tubes per sensor   : 12 units

Area Sensor   : 2.28 m²

Copper and has a heat exchanger tubes

Key certification mark to be delivered with valid dates (unexpired).  

                                                        Book paid to the unit price No. 02


PRICE N ° 03   : Intermediate Tank (cross connector tube borosilicate glass).  

      Capacity 50 tubes, inner shell SUS304-2B 0.5mm (Quality Food) outer shell   "Drawbench Siver Steel   "(Silver steel) 0.4MM, polyurethane insulation (141b-free Fréon-), Thickness 4cm.

                                                        Book paid to the unit price No. 03


PRICE No. 04   : Support Aluminium

     Adapted to the sensor mentioned in section 1.2 Type flat terrace. Including concrete blocks

0.2x 0, 2 x 0, 1.

                                                       Work paid by unit price n ° 04


PRICE N ° 05   : Hydraulic kit ready.

             This price includes   :

   Wilo pump, air vent, two thermometers, Mano valve.

                                                      Work paid by unit price No. 05

P RICE N ° 06   :   Electrical control panel and protection

           This price includes   :

1 Polyester box 0,8mx0, 5mx 0,24m

1 Differential circuit breaker for resistance 30 KW

1 pump protection switch,

1 Differential Control,

2 LED on, off

1 Clock

2 3 position switches Solar Power, Extra Power

                                                               Book paid to the unit price No. 06        


PRICE N ° 07   :

        This price includes   : Magnetic valve 220V 2pouces

                                                               Book paid to the unit Price No. 0 7                


PRICE No. 08   :

             This price includes   :

     Copper pipe DN 28 insulated with aluminum tape on the terrace linking departure / return solar / heat exchanger, expansion tank 200 liters. PPR pipe DN 63mm EF Arrival Departure ECS to connect to existing pipelines in the technical room.


                                                                Paid work   to all the price No. 08

































Page and final market No. / 201 5 having for the supply, installation and set e in a thermo solar installation service for domestic hot water (DHW) in the showers of the university campuses within the National Office of Works Social and Cultural academics.



Amount in dirhams excluding VAT               :


Amount of VAT (20%)               :


Amount in dirhams TTC               :






............ On ............                                                                                     Done at Rabat on ......................


CONTRACTOR                                                                                     THE CLIENT

    (Read and accepted)








Visa State Controller                                                           Approved by

the Director of ONOUSC


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Adresse du siège social de la société iconAdresse du siège social de la société
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