French ap final Project

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French AP Final Project

Due May 10, 2013 NO EXCEPTIONS

Format: You will each add content to your own page on the following Web site:

Username: BVHSFrench

Password: BVHSFrench
Topic: Select a “context” (in which you have a personal interest) from the AP Language and Culture exam themes. See attached list.

Notify Madame of your choice by March 4.

Content: Your page on the site will include the following items ALL related to the context you selected and ALL in your own French:

  1. An embedded audio file (vocaroo or another tool) of you speaking

    1. Introduce yourself (first name only)

    2. Explain the context you chose: what it means, why it’s important and why you chose it

    3. Point out three-five things on your page you would particularly like your visitors to look at or notice.

  2. Three different current events related to the context you chose:

    1. At least one of which must be an embedded radio or video report.

    2. You must provide links to others

    3. They must be recent (within the last five years)

    4. They must be relevant to the context

    5. You must write your OWN summary in French of each report: who, what, when, where, why, etc.

    6. You must write your OWN personal response to each report: this must include WHY you chose to include this report and should also address your opinion, your concerns, what you liked/disliked, etc.

  3. An embedded table, chart, graph, or infographic with statistics related to this context

    1. Must be statistics from one or more francophone countries

    2. Must include a link to the original source document

    3. You must write your OWN summary and analysis of the data

  4. At least 5 creative commons photos from French-speaking world AND relevant to your context.

    1. You provide your OWN captions to connect the photos to the context.

  5. An embedded map with your own annotations of the places referred to in items 1, 2, and 3.

  6. Annotated list of three-five online resources visitors may go to for additional information on this context

    1. Sites must be in French

    2. Sites must be relevant to context

    3. Sites must not repeat anything else you used to complete your page

    4. Annotations must be your OWN explanations of why you chose the site and what visitors can expect to find there (or what they should specifically go to that site).

  7. Personal commentary:

    1. What you learned

    2. Why the context you chose is important today, especially in the French-speaking world, including current challenges societies face related to this context; progress that has been made in this area over time, future potential.

This project is specifically designed to provide not only a final exam grade in listening, speaking, reading and writing but also an authentic portfolio sample of your expertise in French. You are encouraged to put significant effort into this project so that you can use this as a demonstration of your abilities for future study and job opportunities.

Special note about use of online translation/dictionary resources: It is expected that you may need to check an online dictionary occasionally to find an appropriate word for completing various aspects of this task. You are permitted to look up individual words: be cautious when choosing which of the results to use in your task: consider part of speech, context, etc.

However, you are expressly forbidden to insert phrases or sentences into any translation device (or ask them of any advanced/fluent/native French speaker).

Possible contexts:

Theme: Global Challenges / Les défis mondiaux

Recommended Contexts:

• Diversity Issues / La tolérance

• Economic Issues / L’économie

• Environmental Issues / L’environnement

• Health Issues / La santé

• Human Rights / Les droits de l’être humain

• Nutrition and Food Safety / L’alimentation

• Peace and War / La paix et la guerre

Theme: Science and Technology / La science et la technologie

Recommended Contexts:

• Current Research Topics / La recherche et ses nouvelles frontières

• Discoveries and Inventions / Les découvertes et les inventions

• Ethical Questions / Les choix moraux

• Future Technologies / L’avenir de la technologie

• Intellectual Property / La propriété intellectuelle

• The New Media / Les nouveaux moyens de communication

• Social Impact of Technology / La technologie et ses effets sur la


Theme: Contemporary Life / La vie contemporaine

Recommended Contexts:

• Advertising and Marketing / La publicité et le marketing

• Education / L’éducation et l’enseignement

• Holidays and Celebrations / Les fêtes

• Housing and Shelter / Le logement

• Leisure and Sports / Les loisirs et le sport

• Professions / Le monde du travail

• Rites of Passage / Les rites de passage

• Travel / Les voyages

Theme: Personal and Public Identities / La quête de soi

Recommended Contexts:

• Alienation and Assimilation / L’aliénation et l’assimilation

• Beliefs and Values / Les croyances et les systèmes de valeurs

• Gender and Sexuality / La sexualité

• Language and Identity / L’identité linguistique

• Multiculturalism / Le pluriculturalisme

• Nationalism and Patriotism / Le nationalisme et le patriotisme
Theme: Families and Communities / La famille et la communauté

Recommended Contexts:

• Age and Class / Les rapports sociaux

• Childhood and Adolescence / L’enfance et l’adolescence

• Citizenship / La citoyenneté

• Customs and Ceremonies / Les coutumes

• Family Structures / La famille

• Friendship and Love / L’amitié et l’amour

Theme: Beauty and Aesthetics / L’esthétique

Recommended Contexts:

• Architecture / L’architecture

• Contributions to World Artistic Heritage / Le patrimoine

• Ideals of Beauty / Le beau

• Literature / Les arts littéraires

• Music / La musique

• Performing Arts / Les arts du spectacle

• Visual Arts / Les arts visuels


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